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Ugol Rossii & Mining 2018 05.-08. June 2018 Novokuznetsk
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DSX 15W-40

FANFARO DSX is produced on basis of quality mineral base oils and upgrade additive packages to provide high corrosion and oxidation resistance and excellent serviceability in a wide range of temperatures. Effectively reduces the carbon formation and polishing of cylinders. Possesses strong anti-wear properties. FANFARO DSX - ideal oil...

GAZOLIN Formula GTL 15W-40

FANFARO GAZOLIN FORMULA GTL is an extreme stable four season engine oil for passenger cars and vans, working on compressed natural gas (CNG) or on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with or without turbo charger. Basic oils, made on the basis of synthesis technology and special additives, provide engine with the highest protection from...

GSX 50 20W-50

FANFARO GSX50 is an engine oil based on high-quality base oils which was specially developed in order to meet the requirements of the lubrication of modern engines. Protects against wear and ensures safe engine lubrication thanks to a high content of additives. It is an all year round engine oil that is recommended for lubrication of...

GSX 15W-40

FANFARO GSX is a universal all year round engine oil that is manufactured on the basis of high-quality mineral oils with the addition of a multifunctional additive set. This set ensures optimal viscosity-temperatrure and lubricant properties. Designed for use in petrol and diesel engines of passenger cars.